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For many women, life events and aging can ultimately result in a loosening of the delicate skin and tissue of the vaginal area. Known as vulvovaginal laxity, this condition can affect sexual satisfaction for both partners and have an impact on this aspect of your relationship.

ThermiGyn has developed a revolutionary treatment that can restore your sense of confidence and fulfillment when it comes to the intimacy in your life. A non-invasive treatment called ThermiVa™ uses the proven results of FDA approved ThermiRF™ radio-frequency device that induces heat to tighten loose skin in the vaginal area.

This revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation procedure has also been shown to be effective in treating mild stress incontinence, vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction that has resulted from decreased sensitivity. With ThermiVa™, there is minimal to no discomfort during your brief treatment (approximately 30 minutes per session) and normal sexual activity can be resumed the same day.*

ThermiVa® in ocean NJ


ThermiVa™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation option to repair a saggy vulva, vaginal looseness, vaginal dryness, incontinence, overactive bladder and sexual dysfunction that has resulted from decreased sensitivity. ThermiVa™ uses radio frequency generated heat to gently tighten targeted areas with no discomfort or down time. Dr. T will perform a treatment that will last about 45 minutes. A total of 3 sessions are required and spread over one month apart. Some have expressed results from the first or second treatment and results will last up to 1 year. Then a single maintenance treatment as desired thereafter.


After a national study*, ThermiVa has released the following results:
● All 23 patients (age range of 23-58) in the study showed significant improvement in laxity.● A notable improvement was also seen in cases including:
- atrophic vaginitis (improved moisture and comfort)
- stress urinary incontinence (noticeable reductions & leakage)
- orgasmic dysfunction (noticeable improvement reported)
{*results published by Dr. Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE}

Dr. Theocharides of Beginnings Aesthetic and Wellness Cosmetic Practice in Central NJ was one of only 10 centers in the country chosen to be a part of the ThermiVa™ Vaginal and Labial Laxity Study. Participating patients received ThermiVA treatment and were monitored for results and side effects as part of this national study seeking FDA approval for ThermiVa™. ( ThermiSmooth™ and ThermiTight™ have been approved by the FDA.)

ThermiVA is such a personal matter, and your treatment must be tailored to your unique anatomy and desires. Dr. T offers this vaginal rejuvenation procedure in the Monmouth county and Ocean county. Please contact us for a consultation of $150 if you proceed with the procedure your consult fee will go towards treatment. This procedure is a cosmetic procedure and isn't covered by insurance.


“I’m writing this testimonial because I had ThermiVa done and I have experienced nothing but good things. My partner and I both feel that it was a success, now experiencing more tightness and wetness. From my experience it has been easier for me to reach an orgasm, I also feel from my point of view and my partners that we both can feel my vaginal wall I feel more of everything from finish to end. I feel like I can have sex with my partner without concentrating on having an orgasm. My overall experience was awesome! Not that much pain during treatments just a little uncomfortable at times but after the first treatment I knew what to expect. I will be one who would try to maintain the upkeep on the ThermiVa.”


“I entered the ThermiVA study with low expectations. The science behind the ThermiVA sounded interesting since the vaginal canal is a different type of tissue than external skin. After the first treatment, I did not notice any change, however, the actual procedure was quick and comfortable. Soon after the second treatment, my vagina did feel tighter (to me and my partner) and very noticeable was the ability to stay self-lubricated even during long encounters.

( I should note that I really do not notice a change to my labia. Maybe the pictures will tell a different story or maybe it is too soon.) Never in a million years did I expect such a huge change in vaginal lubrication since I am post menopause and never allowed estrogen products due to my history of breast cancer. This unexpected benefit is awesome!!!

I need to sign up for my ThermiVA maintenance program.”


"I had ThermiVa with Doctor T a couple of years ago and noticed a big difference in my bladder control. I just had a maintenance treatment and already notice the difference. Doctor T and Nadine really are so kind and listen to my concerns. They make me feel comfortable with such a personal subject. I would highly recommend the treatment and the doctor."


"I was suffering with vaginal dryness, pain during intimacy and bladder control issues. I heard about ThermiVA at my doctors office, so I had 3 sessions of ThermiVA in 2018 and all my sufferings went away! results lasted me for two and half years! Now I am back again for my maintenance treatment in 2021. Very happy!"