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What To Know About ThermiSmooth Face

What Is Happening To My Skin?

As we age, our muscles weaken and can no longer hold up our skin as tightly, which can result in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Those weakened muscles struggle to hold up our facial skin that already has less collagen. This leads to loose, sagging, transparent skin, which causes fine lines, wrinkles, and makes us look older. Sun exposure and bad habits, such as smoking, can also contribute to loose, sagging skin. Dr. Theocharides offers ThermiSmooth to help his patients attain a more youthful appearance.

What Is ThermiSmooth Face?

ThermiSmooth Face is a non-invasive way to lift and smooth skin of the face without any pain or downtime. Although treatments can be done for the entire face, the application is ideal for the fine skin around the eyes and lips.
ThermiSmooth’s cutting-edge technology has built-in temperature control which allows your Remedy practitioner to precisely regulate the amount of energy delivered to the skin.

What Can ThermiSmooth Do For My Face?

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relax expression lines between the brows
  • Tighten skin on the neck and chin

Is ThermiSmooth Face The Correct Solution For Me?

Most anyone who wants to safely deal with wrinkles and minor texture issues of the face can use ThermiSmooth.

When Will I See Results and How Long Will They Last?

In almost all cases, patients who undergo the ThermiSmooth Face procedure need no recovery time—you can simply get back to your day. In rare cases, minor swelling and redness may occur. The ThermiSmooth Face procedure is usually very quick. Most sessions last about 30 minutes. Treatments are gentle, with patients often comparing it to the feel of a hot stone massage.

How Does ThermiSmooth Work?

ThermiSmooth face uses radio-frequency electrical energy from a ThermiRF device to heat the skin’s surface. Dr. Theocharides will choose a therapeutic temperature that may differ from patient to patient. It has been shown that raising the temperature of the skin’s surface to a therapeutic level will tighten collagen molecules and stimulate production. Most patients see results after just one treatment, but it will require 4 sessions to see optimal results. Each session will only last about 20 minutes, and you will be able to return to your usual daily routine after each session. The smoothing and tightening results will gradually appear over the next several months. Your results should last about a year, and we recommend a maintenance treatment every 9-12 months.

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