ThermiSmooth Face in Red Bank, NJ

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to look older. As we age, we begin to lose collagen in our skin and the muscles in our face begin to weaken. Those weakened muscles struggle to hold up our facial skin that already has less collagen. This leads to loose, sagging, transparent skin which causes fine lines and wrinkles that makes us look older. Sun exposure and bad habits, such as smoking, can also contribute to fine lines and loose, sagging skin. Dr. Theocharides offers ThermiSmooth to help his patients attain a more youthful appearance by eliminating those fine lines and wrinkles.

Is ThermiSmooth Face Right For You?

ThermiSmooth Face is an ideal option for men and women who are seeking a non-surgical skin tightening treatment to address sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines on the face, jowls and neck. Although it can be used to treat the entire face, ThermiSmooth is most effective in treating minor texture issues, fine lines, and wrinkles around the lips and eyes. ThermiSmooth is non-invasive way to smooth and lift your facial skin without pain and requires no recovery time.

Whether used as a stand alone treatment or combined with other cosmetic procedures, ThermiSmooth Face can enhance outcomes especially with respect to skin tightening:

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relax expression lines between the brows
  • Tighten skin on the neck and chin

How ThermiSmooth Works?

ThermiSmooth face uses radiofrequency electrical energy from a ThermiRF device that will apply heat to the skin’s surface. This form of tissue heating is controlled and non-invasive to promote collagen growth under the skin in your problem areas. Dr. Theocharides will choose a therapeutic temperature that may differ from patient to patient. It has been shown that raising the temperature of the skin’s surface to a therapeutic level will tighten collagen molecules and stimulate production. Most patients see results after just one treatment but it will require 4 sessions to see optimal results. Each session will only last about 20 minutes and you will be able to return to your usual daily routine after each session. The smoothing and tightening results will gradually appear over the next several months. Your results should last about a year and we recommend a maintenance treatment every 9-12 months.

Is this procedure painful?

ThermiSmooth face is non-invasive and there is little to no pain involved. Nothing will cut or puncture your skin. Instead, a small, hand-held wand is used to deliver the radiofrequency electrical energy to very small areas on the face. You will feel a warming sensation but the temperature is not painful.

What to expect after the procedure?

Most people report no pain or discomfort at all after the treatment. It should take about three to six weeks for the results to be noticeable but some people see results immediately.

*results may vary

Patients will receive four 20 minute treatments to address desired concerns and can typically return to normal daily routines immediately following each procedure. Results will gradually appear over the next several months.*

Before and After Photos

*results may vary

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 1.58.55 PM

*Disclaimer: results may vary


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