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IMG_6441Beginnings Aesthetic & Wellness brings out the best in you by turning back the clock (a decade or more) without surgery or downtime!

Led by Dr. Thomas Theocharides, better known as Dr. T, an experienced physician and cosmetic doctor in Red Bank and Red Bank, NJ, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic services that are minimally invasive and designed to give you a more relaxed and youthful appearance with little or no downtime.

Aging begins in our 20s with loss of volume. Sun damage, stress and environmental toxins take their toll. Add to that the loss of collagen that begins in our 30’s and accelerates after menopause, many healthy people are frustrated as they feel younger than they look or appear. Using the latest lasers, long lasting fillers and techniques, Beginnings Aesthetic & Wellness can turn back the clock a decade or more in the privacy of our office, without a prolonged recovery!

How does Dr T work his magic? Not only is he internationally trained, he has an eye for beauty and symmetry. His ability to truly listen and understand your concerns, coupled with his gentle technique which reduces discomfort and virtually eliminates bruising, will provide you with results that look and feel natural.

We use advanced lasers reduces or eliminates wrinkles and use the latest and longest lasting fillers for a look that lasts! The cosmetic procedures we offer are performed by Dr. Theocharides in the privacy, comfort and safety of our office setting. Our treatments are performed under local anesthesia, so you will be comfortable, but fully awake for your procedure.

Non Surgical Treatments for the 3D’s

As we age, we experience the 3D’s – deterioration, descent, and deflation. Collagen is the resilient protein in and below the skin that keeps our skin tight, smooth, and lifted. Unfortunately, we begin to lose collagen even as young adults in our late 20s and 30s. The process is accelerated with sun exposure, smoking and poor nutrition.

Each of these plays a role, and here’s the good news. Each of these can be combated – Successfully.

Deterioration: This is the process by which the skin on the face seems to deteriorate. It takes on fine lines, and not-so-fine lines. Wrinkles appear, as do brown spots. For some, facial hair becomes a problem.

Descent: Gravity works on your face all 24 hours of every day. It is subtle, but it’s consistent and never-ending. The skin sags, drops, hangs down and loses elasticity. Collagen starts to be lost, and the face looks older, more haggard. People ask for face lifts because of the ravages of Descent – the impact of gravity. Until we have colonies living on space stations in zero – gravity environments, Descent will continue to mark people as having aged.

Deflation: As you age, you lose muscle, fatty tissue, even bone mass – your face slowly deflates like a balloon that’s got a pin – hole and is slowly losing air.

What do you do adds to this. Do you squint when you read or drive in the bright sunlight? Do you frown? Do you stay out in the sun too long, turning a once – vibrant skin into tanned leather? As you age, you lose natural collagen – which, among other things, gives skin a youthful elasticity. That begins to disappear, and with it, the look of age replaces it.

Thankfully we have nonsurgical, minimally invasive technologies that can help us in all these areas!

Cosmetic Treatments We Offer

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"I am very happy with all of the procedures that I have with Dr.T. I have had many treatments with him and I have been happy every time. Every 8 months I ask ' I need to see Dr.T' He...

"I am so happy with my recent treatments that i have had with Dr.t it has made me look refreshed and so natural and feel young again! For many years I have been looking for a doctor like Dr.T" *Disclaimer:...

"When I look in my mirror I see myself now as I did 10 years ago! This was my first ever aesthetic experience I am so happy that I chose Dr. Theocharides for my treatment" *Disclaimer: results may vary

"Dr.T is wonderful! His skill coupled with his sincere concern for his patient make any procedure stress free@ Two thumbs up for Dr.T! I would recommend him to anyone!" *Disclaimer: results may vary

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