Are You Embarrassed About Your Spider Veins?

As we age, whether you are male or female, things begin to change in your body. You may notice changes in your appearance such as harder to remove body fat, grey hairs, or a cosmetic issue called spider veins.

Majority of us know what to do when it comes to body fat, for example. If you have extra body fat and want to remove it, you go to the gym to burn off it off. If you have grey hairs, you will make a beeline to the hair salon to get rid of those pesky grey hairs.

But did you know there are also solutions for spider veins?

You may be wondering what and why those blue veins are appearing on your legs as you age. Not only that, but these veins seem to get worse when exposed to the sun or pressure. What you may be experiencing is called spider veins. Although there is no singular cause for spider veins, there are many treatment options available to reduce the appearance of them.

At Beginning’s Aesthetic & Wellness, we offer sclerotherapy as an effective treatment for spider veins. Dr. T and our team can work with you to determine if sclerotherapy is that right solution for you. Visit our Red Bank, NJ cosmetic office to learn more.

What Is Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a quick procedure that we do right here in our office. Sclerotherapy involves us injecting a sclerosing agent directly into the spider veins. The agent will agitate the veins, which causes them to collapse and dissipate. You may need a few treatments to garner the results you would like. However, the good news is that most patients will only need 2-6 treatments to achieve desirable results. The effects of sclerotherapy treatment are natural looking and permanent.

Schedule A Consultation

If you would like to learn more about spider vein treatments and what they can do to better the quality of your life, visit Beginning’s Aesthetic & Wellness in Red Bank, NJ. During your consultation,  evaluate your skin, listen to your concerns and recommend a treatment plan that is best for you. To schedule a consultation, call (732) 508-7778 or request an appointment online.


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