How Can I Get Rid of Cellulite?

With bathing suit and shorts season upon us, you may be wondering how do I get rid of this cellulite?

The reality is that for most patients, no amount of exercise and not even the healthiest of diets can fully eliminate the appearance of lumpy, dimply cellulite. 

Ocean, NJ cosmetic doctor, Dr. Thomas Theocharides offers a revolutionary, noninvasive treatment option for reducing the appearance of cellulite. No surgery needed, ThermiSmooth® Body is proved to tighten loose skin and reduce cellulite on the legs, chest, abdomen, arms, and more.

ThermiSmooth Body noninvasive, heat-based therapy that requires little to no downtime. Most patients report ThermiSmooth Body feels like a very gentle, warm massage.  Moving in sweeping circular motions, Dr. T uses a handheld device to apply radio-frequency energy to the skin. The device raises the temperature of the cellulite to tighten and firm loose, sagging skin. Dr. T will treat the targeted area for 5 to 7 minutes to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

To receive the results they desire, patients will need to undergo a series of treatment over 6 to 8 weeks. Dr. T will work with you to plan a treatment that is just right for you.

Is ThermiSmooth Body Right For You?

If you are pregnant, have a skin infection, or have developed a serious health concern, ThermiSmooth Body may not be right for you. In order to determine if ThermiSmooth Body is right for you, Dr. T will need to review your medical history and any health issues that may affect the outcome of the procedure.

In most cases, ThermiSmooth Body can be performed on men and women with loose skin and cellulite on their thighs, arms, breasts, arms, and other areas.

If ThermiSmooth Body is right for you, patients can expect to see results after the first treatment, with results constantly improving after each treatment.

Schedule An Appointment

Dr. Theocharides will work with you one on one to determine if ThermiSmooth Body is right for you. At Beginnings Aesthetic & Wellness in Howell, NY, we offer a full range of cosmetic services to improve the appearance. Dr. T will work with you to find the right solution for your needs.

To learn more about ThermiSmooth® Body and how it can help you reduce cellulite or create firmer, smoother skin, contact Beginning’s Aesthetic & Wellness. Please call (732) 508-7778 to schedule a consultation or schedule a consultation online.


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