5 Ways To Self-Care in 2018

As we ring in the new year, you may be contemplating how you can improve your self-care in 2018. Everyone is making resolutions and committing to new work out routines and diets, and while that is all well-intentioned, making changes only works if you stick to them. We encourage patients to establish realistic goals and to avoid any hot trends. Instead, make a self-pledge to take time to self-care. Start by committing time to cleaning up your diet and moving more- you will not only look better, but you will also feel better, its a beautiful cycle of natural endorphins.

woman with snowflake self improvement in the new year ocean nj cosmetic doctor

Eat well, exercise more, and take the next step in enhancing your natural glow.  Here are 5 ways to improve your image as we enter the new year.

  1. Eat Clean- Eating clean means reducing your intake of processed foods. People who eat highly processed, greasy, high-fat foods may feel sluggish and tend to weigh more. Eating a vegetable-based diet, low in fat, and loaded with nutrients will help you look and feel your very best. Nutrient dense foods help improve the apperance of your skin and supports a stable, healthy body weight.
  2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate- Staying hydrated is key to looking and feeling better in 2018. Your body needs water to function properly. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep your skin hydrated and helps to clear out toxins.
  3. Move Your Body More- So many of us sit at a desk all day. Moving your body more in 2018 can help you achieve your weight goals, and may even help reduce cellulite, energize your mind and increase your creativity. Patients with that maintain a healthy weight but are looking to reshape their contour can benefit from many minimally invasive body contouring treatments offered at our Ocean, NJ cosmetic center.
  4. Brush Up On Your Glow- Winter weather can be harsh on your skin. Dry weather and cold winds can leave you looking less than fabulous. Washing your face and moisturizing with professional skin care products is a great way to protect and improve your facial skin. Beginnings Aesthetic & Wellness offers facial treatments such as microdermabrasion that can enhance your glow.
  5. Enhance Your Best Features- While you are spending most of your days inside safe from the bitter cold, you may consider a feature enhancement treatment this winter, giving you have plenty of time to recuperate before hitting the beach come spring. Botox, CO2 Resurfacing, or a Liquid Facelift can enhance your natural beauty.

Beginning’s Aesthetic & Wellness is Ocean, NJ’s cosmetic center for personal wellness, physical enhancement, and body contouring. Dr. T is a leading cosmetic doctor who works with patients to achieve and exceed their expectations. Contact our office to request a cosmetic consultation, all patients are provided with a personalized consultation and treatment plan.


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