ThermiSmooth™ 250 Study: Emerging Science in Skin Tightening

ThermiRF™ has been a groundbreaking technology for non surgical skin tightening, providing results that are lasting with little to no discomfort and down time.

Dr. Theocharides has been at the forefront of this growing treatment option and offers ThermiRF™ as well as the opportunity to participate in two nationwide studies for new treatments using ThermiRF™ technology: ThermiVA and ThermiSmooth 250.

ThermiSmooth™ 250 Study

ThermiRF™ tightens loose, sagging skin using RF generated heat that penetrates the layers of the dermis to promote collagen production as a natural healing response, without damaging tissue.

Dr. Theocharides is one of only a handful of qualified cosmetic physicians around the country participating in the ThermiSmooth250™ clinical observational study as part of an FDA approval process. ThermiSmooth™ has already had a high success rate among patients seeking to tighten skin on the face, neck and jowls.

126459785The advanced technology now available in ThermiSmooth250™ expands the ability to treat sagging, loose skin to most areas of the body. Skin laxity can affect almost all areas of the body and is often the result of age, environmental elements and weight fluctuations. Through a series of 4 short, pain free treatments, patients typically experience a tightening of the skin and subsequent “shrinkage” of the treated area, possible reducing the waist, arm or leg area circumference in the process!

ThermiSmooth250™ can effectively target cellulite on the legs and buttocks and fatty deposits in the abdomen area, helping patients achieve “smoother” looking skin that will continue to gradually tighten over the coming weeks. For those who have been trying to reduce these types of problem areas with little or no success through diet and exercise, ThermiSmooth250™ can be the perfect, non surgical solution!

Participants in the ThermiSmooth250™ study will benefit from special pricing as well as the opportunity to provide their personal feedback to the study and to learn more about the science and technology behind ThermiSmooth250™.

If you are interested in becoming a participant, contact Nadine in our Ocean, NJ cosmetic practice at 732-508-7778.


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